The Kapheus Series of Children's Books are based on Irish mythology and are epic fantasy adventure stories for children aged 8 to 12 years old.

Kapheus Earth

Kapheus Earth is the story of Elisa and Jamie, two ordinary children, whose lives take a dramatic twist when their Great Uncle Davin visits, and

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Kapheus Air

“You must return… ssss, tick tock goes the clock tick tock, ssss. You must return to Kapheus, Children of the Light. All hope lives or

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Kapheus Water

  The shiny silver cylinder contained the ancient symbols of Kapheus along its length – the dragon guarding the entrance, the wolf howling, the woods

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Marie’s message

Thanks the 3 books ordered tonight are for my daughter Anna.  The author was in her school today and she was very impressed.


Letter from a Primary School

Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for visiting our school last week.  The children have been talking about you since! We had a visitor from the HSE today to present us with an award for our participation in one of their programmes.  The children told her all about you and how you read with such expression!  It is so special for them to meet an author and also to make connections with your books as they are set locally.

I really appreciate that you visited the school and enthused the children so much.  I’m looking forward to reading your books myself over Easter.

Kind regards,

Anne’s Letter

I’ve just placed an order for your first book… and the book is for my daughter, Emily. So could you sign it for Emily, please?

She came home from school very excited after hearing you speak during your school visit to St Joseph’s in Riverstown.

She’s a very reluctant reader, so you must have used magic words to make her so enthusiastic about getting her hands on a copy!


Fallen Star Stories Blog
Independent Review

It moves as a dream, and beyond this, it is a great fantasy read…. filled with magic and light, wisdom and joy.  Simply wonderful.  For those who love fantasy of all ages.  If you haven’t done so already, please, please read Kapheus Earth and Kpaheus Air‘, Mary Esther Judy – Fallen Star Stories.


“I’m about to order your 3 books… if you could send the 3 books to us here in The Netherlands… our children attend the International School in Eindhoven” – Jennifer.

Polly and Faolán

Dear Marguerite

Well last night myself & Faolán finished Kapheus Water. This was a journey we started with Kapheus Earth at Christmas. Before we went to sleep most nights we devoured at least one chapter. Each night as I closed the book Faolán would say’NOOOOOOOOOO’! because he never wanted the story to end.
Now all the books are read and he is still saying ‘NOOOOOOO! Please pick up your pen & write more about Elisa & Jamie. Please hatch that egg in Fódla satchel. We are so sad that Fódla died. We had endless chats speculating on many of the characters especially Aideen & why she was so cold to Elisa!
Faolán loved your books so much he spoke about them in class and he even read the acknowledgements. The three books carried us on an amazingly thrilling adventure.
Thank you for writing these amazing books. Thank you for signing the three books for Faolán which has made them extra special for him.
Kind regards
Polly & Faolán
Ps..Faolán helped me write this to you & he wants me to add that he loves your special messages to him. ‘To Faolán,  Follow your heart’, ‘Hop on a dragons back and fly’ & ‘Hold on tight to your dreams’, (I am being dictated to here) We bought a wee pink dragon teddy & guess what her name is?
Dara’s Letter

Dear Marguerite Tonery

I’m just writing to you, because I’d like to tell you how much I like your Kapheus series. When the letter gets to you I will probably have the three books finished, but right now I have two books finished in 4 days, because I’m reading them so much.

I have a shelf where I put all the best books I’ve read on it. They include Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Alex Rider and Kapheus. I like your books so much I have a badge for it!!! All my books on my shelf have a mini toy that resemble the book. Your badge has E, A, W, F, S on it, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Star.

I love Fódla, she is my favourite character. I love how she knows what to do and has huge confidence. She kind’ve reminds me of my brother, Jack, who has such confidence. Jamie and Elisa are very powerful too. I love your books and I hope you make some more!!!

Thank you, Dara.

Grandmother’s Request

“I want to buy the 3 books again. I bought 3 for my grandson who is 8 & now want to get another set. They are amazing work with beautiful artwork…”

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Author Visits

Irish schoolchildren enjoying the Kapheus Series.

Irish Children

It is always a pleasure to spend time immersing in the creative energy of children.

School Visits – Enjoying the company of children.

Having fun hearing adventurous stories of mythical creatures from all the children I meet on...


Marguerite reads Kapheus to children in bookshops around Ireland.  After each reading, there is a...

St. Patrick’s School Children

Reading the Kapheus Series to children at St. Patrick’s School  

Amazing School Library

It was a privilege to read to the children in this woodlands themed school library....

School Visits

Reading to children in schools.

Visiting Schools

Visiting schools across Ireland to read to the schoolchildren and have fun telling them all about...

Scoil San Phrionsias

Children of Scoil San Phrionsias.

Purchase the Kapheus Series online now!

Get your personalised copies of the Kapheus Series today!

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Marguerite Tonery has written the first three books of the Kapheus series - Kapheus Earth, Kapheus Air and Kapheus Water. These books are epic fantasy adventure stories steeped in Irish mythology and aimed towards children aged between 8 and 12 years old.

Her professional background as a psychologist influences Marguerite's writing and it is through dragons, elves, and mythical creatures that she brings children on a journey of self-development. In encountering Grandmother Oak, Jeremiah Hedgehog and so many more, children learn how to overcome their fears, manage their emotions, and to be confident human beings.

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